It is called Specter and is the latest figure in Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO), recognized in South Korea as Dungeon & Fighter (DNF), is a multiplayer beat 'em up activity parlor game, established and published for computers by People, a South Korean subsidiary of Nixon, and also initially released by Han game in 2005. The video game was initially launched in South Korea as Dungeon & Fighter, after that in Japan as Arab Sent, and after that released in China by Tencent. In 2014, People began an alpha test of a worldwide version of Dungeon Fighter Online using the last English variation hosted by Nixon, which has because finished. DFO is among the most-played and also highest-grossing computer game of perpetuity, exceeding an overall of 700 million players worldwide and having grossed over $15 billion in lifetime profits since May 2020. This additionally makes it one of the highest-grossing enjoyment media products of all time. The video game has received Japanese anime and also manga adaptations, and also motivated an upcoming spin-off fighting video game Dungeon Fighter Duel developed by Arc System Functions.

Last Update in Dungeon Fighter Online (titled Season 06, Act 21: Lady of Vengeance) has introduced a new playable character class.

Specter is a warrior from female Slayer, whose main weapon is Katina. Specter specializes in fast attacks based on physical strength. This is an uncomplicated figure that has only one star (when it comes to the level of difficulty).

[Play Video] Neo: Spectre Specter has been introduced together with two, and you really need to form.

Awakening 1: Rebellion Awakening 2: Vendetta Neo: Specter (a special final character class with the most powerful game skills)

The same UPDATE also introduced a rebuilt character wizard, which now shows all the necessary information about the basic class and its later varieties (along with available weapons, role in the team and the type of skills).

Now you will know everything exactly from the very beginning.

You play here.


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