Twitch had a list to prevent the big streamers from being banned

Recently, Twitch has experienced an important filtering of information, with 125 GB of data that was published throughout the Internet, such as the salary of influential people on the platform. But at the beginning of October, other data appeared in Reddit: a list of Baneos with several large streamers ... or rather quite the opposite

The file called DO NOT BAN LIST , in a literal translation becomes something like List of Non-Baneos , includes a collection of Streamers and the reasons why they should not be blocked. The filtered information was investigated through an article in The Washington Post.

The US Portal contacted Ex Twitch employees, who are under confidentiality agreements and therefore made anonymous statements about the matter. Several sources said that the list has not been used for about five years, but said that it really contributed to certain streamers to have more freedom than others.

The list would work simultaneously with a tool called Better Desk, which would basically allow Twitch administrators to create Streamers reports that somehow broke the rules of the platform. If the Streamer was not part of the Twitch Partner Program, it could lead to sanctions, while partners would have a treatment in which other administrators would use the reason for the prohibition to investigate it and exceptions could be made.

The creator of this tool told Washington Post that basically it was a way to add a notification to the reports against a channel for administrators to realize that there are certain existing agreements or that the channel can do certain things.

In the past, the retransmissions that escaped the theme of the games were not allowed, while today there is even the category to chat, so it is possible to see the streamers that could not be banned for not producing content of games. The Geek & Sundry canal, for example, could not be prohibited by carrying out interviewing programs on other topics, but that would not immune it to anything: the channels on the list could be banned if they violated other rules.

However, a channel should not be prohibited for any reason: that of EMMETT SHEAR , CEO and founder of Twitch. While Marcus Djwheat Graham, head of platform development, could not be expelled for having a minor - his son - on his broadcasts, while in Brazil the professional player of Valorant Tay Yayhuhu Yukimi was banned indefinitely after her daughter appeared briefly on her stream.

Today, the system of rules and sanctions is more standardized, intervening in accounts that violate their terms of service and / or the guidelines of the community, but according to a former employee, this does not exclude favoritism, only makes it harder to hide.

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